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I'm a senior at Duke University majoring in Computer Science.

I've lived in three countries: 🇸🇬 🇹🇭 🇺🇸

I like to bake 👩‍🍳 run 🏃‍♀️ read 📚 and drink coffee

Summer 2019


Program Manager Intern

I interned in the Azure Front Door team under Azure Networking. I designed three support tools that help increase self-help content for customers and reduce investigation costs and bottlenecks, and we estimated that our tools will deflect ~25% of support cases. I even got to present our work to the Senior Leadership Team, which included Albert Greenberg (Corporate Vice President, Azure Networking) and Scott Guthrie (Executive Vice President, Cloud+AI).

It was an incredible opportunity working on one of the highest-scale product areas at Microsoft, and delivering on key improvements to both the business and technical corpus of my team's products.

Summer 2018

The Stakeholder Company

Product Intern

TSC's proprietary product Atium helps companies identify, monitor and engage key stakeholders. As a product intern, I worked with the company's only Product Owner, Kari, to build a two-year product strategy and development roadmap. I also designed, developed and shipped a Powerpoint Export feature. Kari and I also led a company workshop to design and introduce the user research process to the company, and to move towards a user-centered design process.

My stint at TSC, a rapidly growing startup, was a great experience — I learnt a lot about the importance of building a business model that is scalable, as well as the challenges of doing so.

Spring 2018


CodeU Fellow

Last Spring, I was invited to participate in Google's invite-only CodeU program. I collaborated virtually with 3 other CodeUers and a Google Engineer to build a servlets-based Java chat web app. Through the program, I learnt a lot about data storage, Java servlets, AppEngine, and the Google Cloud Platform.

Summer 2017

Ministry of Trade and Industry (Singapore)

Summer Analyst

I interned in MTI's Emerging Markets Division, assisting my team with their preparations for the then-ongoing Sri Lanka-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (SLSFTA) negotiations. I wrote political economy analyses, and participated in the 6th round of SLSFTA negotiations. At the end, I delivered recommendations for continuing engagement with Sri Lankan agencies.

My key takeaway from this experience was the importance of recognizing differences in value premises. Working with the SLSFTA team, this was crucial on several levels: between team members, different teams, or the involved ministries to reach a consensus on Singapore's policy stance; between Singapore and Sri Lanka in working towards a positive-sum outcome; or between the private and public sectors to accomodate and reconcile differences.

Summer 2016 - Present

Duke-NUS Medical School

Research Assistant

I interned at Duke-NUS the summer before I matriculated into Duke, and continue to work with them today. I work with the Medical Education, Research & Evaluation (MERE) Team where I co-authored and am co-authoring two medical education research studies with researchers from Duke-NUS, Duke, Yale-NUS College and National Taiwan University. One study has been replicated in a pilot project with first-years at the National University of Singapore in Fall 2017.

Here's what I've been involved with at school.
Alice M. Baldwin Scholar

In Fall 2016, I was one of 18 female undergraduates inducted into the Baldwin Scholars program. It has been one of my greatest pillars of support, helping me develop my self-confidence as an international, asian woman at Duke.

Singapore Students Association

I serve as Co-President for SSA, and am passionate about increasing awareness and representation for the Singaporean and international asian community at Duke and in the US.

Women in Technology

I was formerly the treasurer for WiT. I really appreciate the positivity and inspiration that WiT offers, where women can encourage and support each other in a male-dominated field.

Duke Hospital
Swim Coach Volunteer

I was a volunteer with the Duke University Hospital's Swim Academy, where I coached swimming to patients from the Duke Children’s Hospital as a form of physical and mental therapy.

Duke Chronicle
Staff Writer

As a staff writer for The Chronicle, Duke's student-run newspaper, I wrote weekly articles for the university news department. Check out my articles!

Duke CS Department
Teaching Assistant

I was a former teaching assistant for Duke's Introduction to Computer Science (CS101) Course. I led recitations for a class of 23 students, graded labs and assignments, and taught office-hours weekly.

  • “I learned to make my mind large, as the universe is large, so that there is room for paradoxes.” ― Maxine Hong Kingston, The Woman Warrior
  • “I've made the most important discovery of my life. It's only in the mysterious equation of love that any logic or reasons can be found.” — John Nash, A Beautiful Mind
  • "We have become / so health-conscious / the heart / can sometimes be troublesome." — Lee Tzu Pheng, Singapore River
  • "Empathy is not endorsement. Empathizing with someone you profoundly disagree with does not compromise your own deeply held beliefs and endorse theirs. It just means acknowledging the humanity of someone who was raised to think differently." — Dylan Marron, Empathy is not endorsement
  • “The finish line at the end of a career is no different from the finish line at the end of a match. The objective is to get within reach of that finish line, because then it gives off a magnetic force. When you’re close, you can feel that force pulling you, and you can use that force to get across. But just before you come within range, or just after, you feel another force, equally strong, pushing you away. It’s inexplicable, mystical, these twin forces, these contradictory energies, but they both exist. I know, because I’ve spent much of my life seeking the one, fighting the other, and sometimes I’ve been stuck, suspended, bounced like a tennis ball between the two.” — Andre Agassi, Open

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“If I am going to spend eternity visiting this moment and that, I'm grateful that so many of those moments are nice.” ― Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five

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